Closing the Leadership Gap

Preparing the leaders of tomorrow to fulfill their potential and drive company growth.

You can’t force leadership. You have to guide it from within.
At The Dames Group, we understand the power of the people at all levels of an organization Let us guide them to becoming the true leaders you need to enhance your company’s growth.

The leadership development consultancy that prepares potential leaders to take the helm.

Ambitious leaders, managers, and aspiring heads work with The Dames Group to unleash their true potential and make an impact in their organization.
They know the importance of the guidance, systems, and strategic insights necessary to improve performance and effectiveness.
We are the company of performance builders and systems creators that deliver long-term sustained outcomes.

How We Can Help

To stay ahead of this changing and dynamic hybrid environment, companies need to invest in their teams and the leaders who guide them.
We help companies to build strong teams while retaining/engaging top talent with a select number of on-site, virtual, and blended services.

Leadership & Development Training

The leadership at all levels determines your company’s growth. We design personalized training programs that align with your organizational culture to develop effective leadership assets from within.

Process Management

You need an evergreen process to improve productivity and efficiency. We help you either develop your organization’s processes from the ground up or work with you to improve your process management.

Executive Coaching

We know what it takes to develop great leaders at all levels of an organization. Our professional coaching methods help our clients create a pipeline of leaders that builds a better workplace culture and improves the company’s bottom-line.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

To get the most value from your time and company resources, you need improved meeting design and facilitation. We help companies improve their effectiveness by training for, planning, and facilitating various events and experiences.

Who We Are

The Dames Group is a global leadership development and facilitation training company offering training and services to clients throughout the USA and across the world.
Our hybrid approach at the intersectionality of leadership and systems enables us to add value and focus to our client organizations. Our virtual summits and in-house training programs provide the opportunity to transform lives and company cultures.

Hi, I'm Shaneiree Dames

CEO & Founder of The Dames Group
I am passionate about leadership coaching, systems, and strategic development. Throughout my personal life and professional career, I’ve found or invested in mentors, coaches, and educational programs that aligned with my authentic self. As I have coached others, I’ve seen the transformation that comes from having a skilled coach with a tailored program.
So, I know and understand how improving the talents in-house can improve the company’s performance and serve as an attraction for other top talents.
Let’s talk about how The Dames Group and I can guide your team, build your systems, and streamline your processes and events for success in remote and hybrid work environments.

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