Our Mission

To provide innovative development solutions in training, meeting planning and facilitation, and perspectives coaching that develop organizations one leader at a time.

Working with our clients to create something personal to them and their needs is a rewarding experience on both sides.
We champion the leaders within and the systems that can support growth.

The Dames Group is the SME in leadership and development in a hybrid environment.

At The Dames Group, we are the subject matter experts in leadership and development in a hybrid environment. Meeting at the intersection of project management and leadership development, we take an innovative approach to partnerships and training that yield results.
We work with executives looking to enhance their company and/or team with development opportunities via perspective coaching, training, and process improvement strategies.
We work across a wide range of service-based organizations, including BIG 4 Accounting, nonprofit, hospitality, and legal industry.

Delivering actionable outcomes that make a difference.

Our approach to leadership development illustrates who we are: a company built on years of experience offering tailored outcomes for organizations and their teams.
Our process is simple. We tailor our services. We deliver bold solutions that support strategic planning. We make DEI a critical element. And we focus on a human-centered, holistic approach that delivers real results. We see the impact in increasing morale in organizations and teams that our clients manage.

The Dames Group Key Differentiators

Our experience, process, and approach set the stage for us to deliver:

Our Values


Learning is not a cookie-cutter experience. We have to be true to ourselves to become leaders that people will trust. That’s why we advocate for leaders to continually innovate and grow their organizations through strategic thinking and providing learning experiences and training for their team.


We believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader. Leadership can be taught. That’s why we work with owners, senior managers, and their teams to provide effective learning opportunities for the next generation of leaders within their organizations.


Leadership through a people-centered approach guarantees great results. It’s even better when paired with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be taught. And there is a happy balance between getting to your bottom-line and ensuring that organizations care for their people.

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