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The Dames Group helps leaders improve their talents with strategic business development through training, coaching, process improvement, and meeting design and facilitation.
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Leadership & Development Training

Developing leadership competence from within ensures companies can adapt to changing environments. They can deliver on their promises to staff, stakeholders, and their clients.
Our leadership and development training is a personalized program tailored to the company’s culture to support mid-level leaders. This transformative training can be delivered online and in person. It is ideal for helping middle-management and potential leaders connect the dots across all levels throughout the organization.
From design to destiny, we provide an end-to-end experience for learners no matter the delivery medium.

Process Management

We understand that your organization needs evergreen meeting or event plan processes specifically tailored to hybrid working environments. Your company will be more efficient if you can align your processes with your strategic goals, have an effective measurement system, and develop more organized leaders and managers.
We use project management methodologies within a strategic development lens. This allows us to help our clients to put in place or improve their organization’s processes.
We help you develop your organization’s processes from the ground up or work with you to improve your process management.

Executive Coaching

For today’s dynamic environment, executive coaching needs to be more than traditional coaching tools and techniques. You want results that can transform your team or yourself. For that, you need coaching that can inspire a more satisfying life inside and outside the workplace. A well-aligned and balanced executive delivers improved results for their company.
We partner with clients to create a specific coaching agreement that supports their needs. We also focus on perspective coaching that aligns the strategic planning of your business with personal development opportunities.
Our professional coaching methods help our clients build a pipeline of leaders at all levels of their organization.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Our goal is to ensure you get the outcome desired from your meetings, events, and experiences, especially within the context of a hybrid environment.
We help design and plan high-stakes off-site and virtual meetings and events, and enable team-building experiences, town hall, board meetings, and even other corporate events.
The Dames Group ensures you can offer effective and enjoyable off-site, onsite, and virtual events and meetings. We can design only or design and facilitate your meetings and events.
Let us help you design and facilitate meetings and events your team actually wants to attend.

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