Meet Shaneiree Dames

CEO & Founder of the Dames Group
The Business Development Connector. Meeting at the intersection of project management and leadership development.

The Innovative Guru - Even Engager

With over 20 years of experience, Shaneiree “Shay” Dames has become a subject matter expert in emotional intelligence, which she aligns with coaching leaders to enhance the effectiveness of their teams and their organizations.
As an innovative perspective coach, she helps people solve problems through unpacking other perspectives to get to effective dialogue and communication. She does this through training design, coaching and team development.
Shay takes a strategic approach to:
She includes online learning platforms and virtual training modalities – something she has done for over 20 years within several industries, including BIG-4 accounting, non-profit, hospitality, and the legal industry.
Her ability to empower individuals and provide practical consulting sets The Dames Group apart in its transformational approach to leadership development and business growth.

The Business Development Connector

Shaneiree has always had a knack for connecting people, places, and things while also influencing through training and coaching. When she decided that she wanted to help connect the importance of relationship-building to leadership, she decided to get further training.

Eleven years ago, her MSOD Capstone centered on the importance of virtual learning, a necessity which she advocated for at the time due to having given birth prematurely to her daughter and needing to continue her studies remotely. This led her to become the very first student, woman, and person of color to start and complete a virtual learning experience at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

So, she understands the importance of leadership development at all levels within an organization, whether virtually or in person.
Shaneiree holds an MBA in Finance from Strayer University and an MSc in Organizational Development and Leadership (MSODL) from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). She also has a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification and a Certificate in Training and Development from PCOM.
Her perspective for never seeing “a box” and truly connecting is what makes The Dames Group more effective at leadership development than any other learning consultancy.

The Coach

As an organizational and development coach and trainer, Shay has been recognized for her ability to build high-performing teams that deliver results in complex matrix organizations. She has also received highest level performance reviews for effectiveness in designing, managing and executing cross-functional and large- scale projects.
She has partnered with her clients on projects to resolve the gaps in retention and engagement, business continuity, diversity and inclusion, and process improvement.
Shaneiree’s signature strengths include leadership and development transition, strategic planning, team building, project management, and executive coaching.

The Speaker

Shaneiree is also an international speaker who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience on team building, leadership, project management, coaching, and strategic planning.
She’s available for paid speaking engagements, interviews, and panel discussions in person and virtually.
Her topics include: